Age spots easier to remove than you might think

age spots removal

Age spots make you appear older than you feel. At Swan Centers, we offer a procedure to freeze away the age spots and make you look young again with relative ease.

Especially for those living in sunny areas like Southwest Florida, age spots regularly show up on the skin, especially among those who enjoy the many outdoor activities available while living in paradise year-round. But these spots don’t need to become a permanent part of your appearance.

The age spot removal treatments available at Swan Centers target those darkened areas that can show up on the your hands and face.

Our treatment works by using carbon dioxide to freeze unwanted lesions on the skin. That’s right, our trained staff will literally freeze those sun marks away.

Age Spot Removal before and after photosAge spots treatment

The treatment targets the impacted area by freezing the skin no more than 2mm deep (affecting only the epidermis layers) and bringing the area to -79 degrees C. Our staff administers the treatment for five seconds at a time, forming an ice ball on top of the skin but not penetrating those skin layers where blood vessels, hair follicles and sweat glands reside.

After treatment, age spots will go through four stages of healing, with the spots first tuning red, then darkening, falling off to expose new skin, and finally growing new cells, all over the course of about a month.

Is this for you?

Experts tell media outlets like Fox News that this kind of cryosurgical procedure remains one of the best ways to treat age spots today.

Treatments for age spots at Swan Centers tackle many kinds of lesions that appear on the skin including: skin tags, growths that can appear wrinkled and show up at the thin foundation of skin; sun spots, lesions that appear pinkish red and show up on the forehead, neck, face, and back of the hands; and age spots, which show up over the course of time on the skin and have clear edges and brown coloring.

Any of these types of spots that show up on your skin merit a call to the experts at Swan Centers. Give us a call at 800-528-9650 to set up an appointment at one of our offices in Fort Myers, Naples or Sarasota.