Non-surgical body treatments

Non-Surgical Body Treatments


While signs of aging are usually noticed first on the face, the hands can also make a person look older. Like most skin damage, a lifetime of sun exposure is the primary cause for signs of aging on the hands, including brown spots, wrinkles, thin skin, prominent veins, and a boney appearance.



Frustrated because you do not feel comfortable in that sleeveless dress? We understand. As we age our skin begins to lose its elasticity. This is a completely natural and normal process. Some of us develop loose skin under the arms and develop extra fat. At Swan Centers we have the know-how and technologies to treat difficult areas such as the arms. We offer multiple options to help with the arms. If needed, we can help reduce the size of the arm and/or tighten the skin to deal with crepe and loose skin. So, no matter what your concern is the team at Swan Cosmetic Centers will have your arms looking tighter and years younger.



Whether you are seeking to reduce the size of the thighs or want to reduce cellulite and get a smoother appearance, we offer multiple treatment non-surgical treatment options with no down-time.



Loose, sagging skin above the knee naturally occurs with age and can make wearing shorts or skirts embarrassing. We offer cutting edge procedures to tighten the skin around the knees and/or reduce fat above the knee.



We offer multiple non-surgical and surgical treatment options for the buttocks. We can help tone, tighten or target fat to improve the appearance of the buttocks. Call us to setup a free consultation.


Cellulite Reduction

For many people, cellulite is a very real problem. When stubborn cellulite doesn’t respond to dieting and exercise, it’s all too easy to grow frustrated. At Swan Centers, we offer a number of effective and convenient options for cellulite reduction that can be performed in our comfortable facilities quickly and with no downtime. We understand how important it is to feel good about the way your body looks. That’s why our cellulite smoothing treatments are designed to produce results that will enhance your appearance and improve your confidence. When you visit any of our convenient locations, we’ll take the time to evaluate your problem areas, review your aesthetic goals and concerns, and devise a course of treatment suited specifically for you.


Stretch Marks

At the Swan Centers, we offer the very best Non-Surgical techniques to help treat stretch marks. All of our Stretch mark treatment options have no downtime and require a series of treatments.


Targeted Fat Reduction (Non-Surgical)

Are you spending hours at the gym or dieting and not seeing the results that you’re looking for? A healthy diet and rigorous exercise program aren’t always enough to give you the lean and contoured body you want. Despite your best efforts, it can sometimes be virtually impossible to eliminate stubborn fat pockets in trouble spots like your thighs, buttocks, calves, belly, love handles, bra-line or upper arms. At Swan Centers, we offer our clients the opportunity to experience leaner, more sculpted bodies, with increased confidence, and an enhanced quality of life with many affordable and effective Non-Surgical Targeted Fat Reduction options.

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