Brazilian Butt Lift Naples

What you should know about the Brazilian Butt Lift

Weight loss, aging or heredity may have left some with a saggy bottom but a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can perk it up.

Here is some insight into this cosmetic procedure:

Brazilian Butt Lift procedureBrazilian Butt Lift procedure: How is it done?

Unwanted fat around the thighs, love handles, and abdomen can be used to add shape to the buttocks. The fat is removed via liposuction and stored it in a safe place to protect the fat cells from oxygen and ambient air which may lead to alterations.

The next step involves the re-injection of the fat to the butt for better contouring and a sexier look. Patients should note that local anesthesia is introduced during the procedure to make it painless.

All in all, the patient enjoys a full recovery in a short span of time.


Generally, this cosmetic procedure is suitable for patients with butts of varying sizes, shapes, and ages. Depending on the body proportion, the plastic surgeon is able to determine the extent of the Brazilian butt lift. The patient will share their overall goals with the doctor for the best outcome.

The patient is examined to determine whether she is healthy both physically and psychologically. This is to prevent any complications after surgery. They are also advised to avoid excessive drinking or smoking as it may hinder recovery.

Professional treatment

Since this is a surgical procedure, it is fundamental that patients only deal with licensed plastic surgeons. This is because the doctor is well trained on how to go about the treatment. Moreover, the patient will be guaranteed long-lasting results.

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