Breast Lift Surgery provides alternative to implants

breast lift surgery

Breast Lift Surgery can give you perkier breasts and a more youthful profile without implants or fat transfer procedures.


It has become an alternative to implants for many women. Breast Lifts have grown 70% since 2000, outpacing breast implants 2-to-1, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


The breast lift will help reshape and raise the breasts to improve the contour although it doesn’t increase the breast size. If you want to lift the breasts, this is a good choice but if you are looking for larger, fuller breasts, you may want to consider implants.


Many women feel uncomfortable and self-conscious when their breasts begin to sag because of age, pregnancy or heredity as well as other factors. Improving the shape and raising their breasts also raises their confidence and overall happiness with their body.


Breast Lift Surgery

It’s important to choose an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who you feel comfortable with. You want to make sure they get to know you and your goals so they can meet your needs.


At Swan Centers, Dr. Yaniris R. Avellanet has extensive experience with the most advanced techniques available. She tailors every procedure to meet each patient’s individual needs.


During your initial complimentary consultation, she will analyze your breast shape, skin elasticity, and volume. Depending on your anatomic needs and cosmetic goals, she may recommend a traditional breast lift or another approach.

Depending on the patient’s needs, the surgery usually takes between one and three hours.

If you want to increase your breast size, you may want to discuss breast implants with the breast lift to get the shape and fullness you desire.

The complimentary consultation will answer any questions and help you determine what is best for you. To schedule a consultation, call 1-800-528-9650.