Breast lifts restore your youthful shape

Breast Lifts

Breasts lifts can up your confidence when you hit the beach this summer. The great thing about breast lifts is they restore the high fullness of your breasts and make them look more naturally round.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, breasts win much of the press. And based on Google Trends, searches for breast enhancements go up around May and peak in August, that beach season when people care most about the shape of their body.

Why not get the procedure earlier than later?

Breast lifts often deliver all the improvement a patient needs by simply raising tissue to a more attractive position on the chest. Time happens, and just as skin under your arms can get looser and droopier with time, breasts can sag more with each passing year.

Breast lifts, or more clinically mastopexy, will reduce lax breast tissue and restore the fullness of your bosom.

Breast Lifts & Pole Position

If you’re racing to the beach, make sure you start with the best pole position.

Cosmetic surgeons seek to improve “upper pole” placement of the mammaries with a breast lift, meaning enhancement in terms of the fullness on the top part of the breasts. That’s part of why women often get lifts done at the same time as breast implants, augmentations or reductions.

Having a full look to the tops of the boobs helps restore that perky look many enjoy in their 20s but that sags away with time.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends an upper-to-lower pole ratio of 45:55, meaning slightly more fullness on the underside of the breasts.

Our cosmetic surgeons at Swan Age Reversal Centers will work with you during consultations to learn exactly what you desire in the shape of your breasts.

Whether you desire larger or smaller boobs, the way the breasts look on your torso may play the greatest role in how sexy you look and feel after a procedure. Find that perfect shape to fill your bikini top perfectly this beach season.

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