Brow lifts lift the tired look from your eyes

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Brow lifts, designed to lift the brow to a more youthful and natural looking position, help eliminate the tired look that develops on your face thanks to effects of stress, lack of sleep and aging.

brow lifts

Do you have people ask you if you get enough sleep, even when you don’t feel tired? Do people inquire if everything is okay in your life, even when you feel fine and nothing is bothering you?

The too familiar bags that form under our eyes when we don’t get enough rest come because fluid pools below our eyelid areas. This fluid weighs down the brows and upper face, creating loose skin and a stressed appearance overall.

Brow lifts can do wonders to rejuvenate your entire appearance and restore a healthy, youthful look.

The surgical procedure involves lifting your brow closer to its original place and removing some of the weight from your upper eyelids, resulting in brighter, wider-eyed expressiveness.

This dramatically and immediately revitalizes the face and makes you appear more rested and refreshed.

Benefits of brow lifts

Suddenly, you will go from appearing exhausted to looking energetic.  Your expression will go from drowsy to perky. Co-workers will stop wondering if you had enough sleep and instead ponder how you look so good.

By raising your brow to a more natural place, brow lifts also pull upward much of the droop that contributes to a pouty visage. By looking less belabored, you won’t get questioned about whether you feel stressed or irritated. Brow lifts can lift your own spirits and raise the expression in your face from lethargic to lively.

If you tire of looking tired, brow lifts can boost your looks and spirits. This procedure gets rid of that glower and restores a more youthful and rested appearance all day.

Swan Age Reversal Center now offers brow lifts as one of its services. Give us a call at 1-800-528-9650 to discuss your options.