celebrity butts, Brazilian Butt Lift

Celebrity butts aren’t just for Hollywood celebrities

Celebrity butts lift the profile of today’s hottest Hollywood stars. Thank Kim Kardashian’s famous derriere or Nicki Minaj’s posterior-focused “Anaconda” video for bringing the female butt into a new moment of glory.

celebrity butts, Brazilian Butt Lift

But even if you worry your cheeks aren’t quite up for this new pro-butt era, Swan Age Reversal Centers can perform a Brazilian butt lift procedure that will give your bottom the boost it needs.

Fashion models and reality stars like Heidi Montag (The Hills), Chloe Sims (The Only Way is Essex) and Elena Gant (Little Women: LA) all proudly say they had butt lift procedures to perfect their curves.

If you want that same celebrity butt, ask about the simple cosmetic surgery. Surgeons will use your own fat to help better sculpt a perkier, more prominent bottom, creating a more sensual body profile.

And they are popular. Buttock Lifts saw a 21% increase in 2016, demonstrating that subtlety continues to be a growing trend.

How do you know if a butt lift will suit you? Candidates for butt lifts include those with flat or sagging butt cheeks, asymmetrical buttocks or small butts. Those who recently saw massive weight loss and don’t like the misshapen state of their butt could also benefit from the procedure.

“Celebrity butts” – Get one of your own

Surgeons help shape that perfect celebrity butt usually by first pulling unwanted fat from areas like the stomach, processing the fat through decanting or centrifugation, then injecting the fat back into the buttocks.

To attain that celebrity butt shape, the fat goes into the upper quadrant of each buttock through a series of injections, all done with artistic precision by the certified professionals at the centers.

A celebrity butt will make you ready for the runway or the red carpet.

Stars from Playboy models Kristina and Karissa Shannon confirm they hired surgeons to perform a fat transfer. Some stars will happily share details of the procedure. Countess Vaughn, for example, had the Monique show document the process when she got a butt lift.

As much as big breasts became a trend in the ‘80s and ‘90s, round bottoms fill the paparazzi photo frame today, with Hollywood’s biggest stars ready to show off their perfect celebrity butts. Best of all, the procedure uses your own fat, making this a natural way to augment your buttocks without foreign implants.

Before you take your next walk in front of the flash bulbs, make sure to prepare your rear for renewed attention. Ask the doctors at Swan Age Reversal Centers if they can shape your figure with a high-caliber, celebrity butt to follow you down the red carpet.

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