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Dr. Yaniris R. Avellanet

Dr. Yaniris R. Avellanet

Dr. Yaniris R. Avellanet is one of the most talented and thoroughly trained Cosmetic Surgeons in the Nation. Her philosophy is simple — treat each patient as if they were a member of her own family and strive to provide great results by using the safest and gentlest techniques possible.


Dr. Avellanet is well known for her compassionate patient care and excellence in surgical results. She has a wealth of experience in facial, breast, and body aesthetics procedures. Furthermore, she lectures regularly to other surgeons around the United States on surgical techniques to give patients great results with minimal downtime and risk.


Dr. Avellanet specializes in Cosmetic Surgery, Gynecology and Hormone Therapy. She is or has been licensed to practice medicine in Six States – Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkansas, Ohio and New York. In addition to being licensed in those Six States, she is also Licensed to practice medicine in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.


Dr. Avellanet holds a strong academic background with undergraduate and graduate degrees at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.  She completed her fellowship in General Cosmetic Surgery in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she focused on cosmetic body contouring procedures like liposuction, fat transfer to buttocks, natural breast augmentation, and cosmetic gynecologic procedures, which is recognized and certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.


Dr. Avellanet continued her medical education at the Universidad Central del Caribe in Bayamon, PR and her postgraduate training was completed at the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus, University District Hospital.


She specifically focuses on Tumescent Liposuction, Fat Transfer, Breast Enhancement, Threadlift, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Labiaplasty and Hormone Replacement Therapy. Dr. Avellanet is always improving her already impressive medical skill set by continually studying, learning and using the latest and most innovative techniques that allow her to perform at the highest level.


On a personal level, Dr. Avellanet calls Southwest Florida her home, she is multilingual in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.


Dr. Avellanet was inspired by and followed her esteemed father’s path into medicine who practiced cosmetic surgery and expertly helped thousands of men and women achieve their physical goals while improving their self-esteem. She knew from an early age that her passion was to help others through medicine and cosmetic surgery by being fully committed to using the highest standards.


Dr. Avellanet is or has been licensed in the following States:


New York





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