Facelift (rhytidectomy)

While human aging is a completely natural process, with a timely help of the modern cosmetic surgery we can easily alter its effects!

Just take a look at your facelift surgery options and see how easy and fast you can make these crucial adjustments and how affordable it is to stop the aging process for some time. To understand your options and timing better, be sure to spot the first signs of aging. They may serve as a quick alert that you need to undergo the facelift surgery right now:

  • Creases below the eyes, in the corners of the mouth, below the nose
  • Loss of the skin tone
  • Loose skin and/or excess fat

When you look in the mirror, do you recognize the reflection? Do you long for the reflection of your youth? Gravity, sun exposure, and heredity are just a few of the influences that affect our facial appearance over time. Facelift procedures have become a common way for men and women to reverse the effects of aging and regain that youthful appearance they once had. A facelift procedure eliminates excess fat and skin, tightens the facial tissue, giving you a more contoured appearance. Don’t let time and gravity make you look and feel older, call us at Swan Cosmetic Centers today.

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