Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement pros and cons

Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement pros and cons are impacted by several factors. The patient’s current health and fitness, their expectations, the physician’s skill and experience and how well the patient follows post-procedure instructions can all have an impact.


Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement pros and consAs with any cosmetic procedure, hire a qualified and skilled surgeon. Physicians are available in Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota and throughout Southwest Florida, yet you do not have to pay a fortune.


Swan Centers provide excellent quality results but also competitive prices. Financing is available. Don’t sacrifice results or your health because you hire just anyone.


Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement pros and cons


There is little chance of rejection or allergic reaction, since the procedure uses your own body fat.


The procedure also allows physicians to better shape and sculpt the breasts. However, implants are already in a basic shape and are inserted into the breast. There’s not much control over shape.


With fat transfer, the surgeon controls where the fat goes and how much is injected in each area.


Another benefit is little to no scarring because there are injection sites instead of incisions. Even the liposuction doesn’t use incisions.




This procedure has some of the same cons as other procedures. All procedures involve some risk. There could be infection or reaction to Anesthesia.


Women wanting to increase several cup sizes should choose implants but this procedure is more effective for modest increases.


The cost could be a little more because it basically includes two procedures.


If you are considering Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement or any other procedure, schedule a consultation. Discuss all the Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement pros and cons with an expert to determine if it’s right for you. Swan Centers offer free consultations. You can fill out an online form or call 1-800-528-9650.

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