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Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement offers benefits over implants

Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement takes fat from other parts of your body and moves it to the breast area instead of using implants. Therefore, the result is more natural.


Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement Naples FL Fort Myers FLHow many times have you or someone you know said that you wish you could take the fat from one place and move it to another. That wish came true a few years ago.


The procedure developed over the last couple of decades and has really become a popular replacement for breast implants in recent years.


It is sometimes called natural breast enhancement, natural breast augmentation, fat injections, fat grafting or lipotransfer. Those are all basically the same way of transferring the fat from an unwanted area to enhance your breasts.


There are a wide range of success stories online, including from mothers who got rid of “baby fat” to enlarge their breasts to active, athletic women who don’t seem to have much body fat.



How does Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement work?


Fat transfer Breast Enlargement involves two steps. First, the fat has to be removed, and then moved to where you want it.


It may sound simple but that’s really just the basics of how it works. It’s much more complex and should only be performed by experienced physicians.


At Swan Centers, we use a gentle and easy liposuction procedure to remove fat from the stomach, hips, thighs and other areas with excess fat. The fat is carefully separated and prepared for injection.


The fat is injected into the breasts at different levels and areas in the breast tissue to integrate the fat cells for a natural look and feel.


Women looking for a modest natural increase are good candidates for the procedure. Women looking to more than double their size would have better success with implants.


Fat transfer can also be used for other procedures such as Brazilian Butt Lifts and Fat transfer to Labia Majora.


If you are considering breast enlargement, this might be the procedure for you. If you’d like more information, you can contact us online or call Swan Centers at 1-800-528-9650.

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