Hormone replacement therapy for men

hormone replacement therapy for men, naples, fl, fort myers, fl, sarasota, fl

Hormone replacement therapy for men offers a wide variety of benefits. Even though more women seek the treatment, it’s not just a treatment for women.

If more men understood the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, men would likely be lining up to get the treatment. It can reduce hair loss, increase sex drive, address Erectile Dysfunction, give you more energy and more. What man wouldn’t want that?

hormone replacement therapy for men, naples, fl, fort myers, fl, sarasota, flTestosterone is the most significant and commonly known hormone in men. Although men and women have testosterone, men have much higher levels. Testosterone production increases during puberty but starts to decrease after age 30.

This process is called Andropause, also known as male menopause, and is a much more gradual process than menopause in women.

But what does testosterone do and what happens when the levels decrease?

Testosterone helps maintain sex drive, muscle mass, body hair production, fat distribution, bone density, red blood cell production and sperm production. It basically contributes to the overall masculine body.

Low testosterone levels can cause physical and emotional changes. Many men lose muscle mass, gain weight, lose their hair, get tired easily, have difficulty sleeping and experience sexual issues.

Bioidentical hormone therapy for men can treat many of the symptoms of low testosterone.

Swan offers customized hormone balancing programs for men. We analyze your blood test results and take into account symptoms and medical history to develop a program that fits your individual needs, improving your overall health and wellness.

Bioidentical hormones are an exact chemical match to the hormones naturally occurring in your body. Hormone replacement therapy is designed to boost hormone levels to help you feel younger, stronger, vibrant, more confident and reenergized.

If you are experiencing symptoms, you may be dealing with Male Andropause. Call us at 1-800-528-9650 to setup a free consultation so we can help diagnose and possibly treat you.