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How to get a more youthful body

Although aging is usually first noticed on the face, there are many other areas you can address to gain a more youthful body.


Like your face, your hands are often exposed to the sun and elements. A lifetime of sun exposure damages the skin on your hands. Therefore, your hands get brown spots (age spots), wrinkles, protruding veins and a boney appearance.


By reducing age spots and wrinkles, you’ll get younger looking hands.


Younger looking hands can help boost your confidence at work and home. You won’t want to hide your hands under the conference table, or the dinner table. You’ll also be the first to extend your hand for a professional, friendly handshake.


At Swan Centers in Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL, we have a variety of non-surgical procedures that give you more youthful hands. If you have age spots, wrinkles or other issues you’d like to address, call 1-800-528-9650 to learn more.


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In addition to your hands, your arms can make you look and feel older. You may not feel comfortable in a sleeveless shirt or blouse because of sagging or wrinkled skin.


It can be frustrating to lose your skin elasticity. No one wants extra, flabby skin on his or her arms, but as we age our skin begins to lose its elasticity.


We have the know-how and technologies to treat difficult areas such as the arms. If needed, we can help reduce the size of the arm and/or tighten the skin.


Your legs also may show signs of aging. They experience many of the same issues as your arms and hands. You may have wrinkles, loose skin or cellulite. Whether you want to reduce cellulite to get a smoother appearance or address sagging skin or wrinkles around your knees, we offer multiple treatment non-surgical treatment options with no downtime.


When you are self-conscious about your arms and legs, it can make you uncomfortable in shorts and short sleeves. Instead of choosing clothes that hide your arms and legs, schedule a consultation and learn more about your options. Call 1-800-528-9650.

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