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Swan Centers include two distinct companies

Swan Centers offer two distinct and unique companies under one roof. For people who want to look younger without surgery, we have Swan Age Reversal Centers™. For people who want affordable high quality Plastic Surgery, we have Swan Cosmetic Surgery Centers™.

Swan Age Reversal Centers offers cutting edge Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments like Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction, Targeted Fat Reduction, Stretch Mark Therapy, Cellulite Smoothing and other non-invasive treatments that are done in-office and have no downtime.

Swan Cosmetic Surgery Centers is where we offer World-Class Cosmetic Surgery Procedures like breast enhancement, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, necklift, butt lift and other plastic surgery procedures that are performed by some of the most skilled surgeons in Florida.

With these two options, you can choose from a wide array of Aesthetic treatments and Cosmetic surgery procedures, all under one roof. So, whatever your cosmetic needs are, we offer some of the best options available today! Our professional staff is passionate about helping you feel and look better than ever.

We always strive to offer you a unique and affordable, results-driven experience that takes skin care and body enhancement where it was meant to be, combining health and beauty with state of the art science, a highly skilled staff and impeccable service. The cornerstones of our approach have always been, and always will be, the care and expertise of our specialists, using revolutionary techniques and applications to achieve great results at a reasonable price. Our number one goal at Swan Centers is to make you look great.

We will impress you with our great staff, superior treatments and reasonable pricing. This simple approach has allowed Swan Centers to successfully operate multiple locations that has led to us being one of South Florida’s leading Aesthetic providers. We’re driven by innovation in aesthetic beauty and are able to deliver an intimate and relaxing experience, complete with all the perks that a premium establishment can offer.

We offer a complementary assessment to all first-time customers that is straightforward and honest. At the initial consultation, you will meet with our competent, friendly staff that will give you realistic expectations while educating you on our process.


Dr. Andrea Basile

Dr. Andrea Basile

Dr. Andrea Basile is a Resident Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He is one of the Americas Finest Plastic Surgeons.

He received his M.D. Degree and completed his Plastic Surgery Residency at Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C. He pursued his residency in General Surgery at Harvard University’s New England Deaconess Hospital and then plastic surgery research at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Basile then was accepted as a visiting fellow in Aesthetic Surgery, with Dr. Ivo Pitanguy (in Rio de Janeiro), an international pioneer of modern plastic surgery. Before coming to Southwest Florida, Dr. Basile was appointed an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at Boston University School of Medicine and an attending surgeon at the Boston Medical Center. Dr. Basile focuses his attention on aesthetic rejuvenation of the face, breast, and body.

His exceptional skill, relentless training, and innate artistic eye have made him one of the nation’s leading cosmetic surgeons. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Basile is dedicated to continuous learning and training; honing his advanced skills on the latest plastic surgery techniques and trends.  His goal for every patient is to achieve the most beautiful and natural looking results possible. Dr. Basile was born in New York City.

Dr. Yaniris R. Avellanet

Dr. Yaniris R. Avellanet

Dr. Yaniris R. Avellanet is a multi-talented cosmetic surgeon, who specializes in gynecology and cosmetic surgery. She specifically focuses on tumescent liposuction, vaginal rejuvenation and fat transfer.

Dr. Avellanet uses the latest and most innovative techniques, insuring patients get fantastic results in addition to the getting the highest quality of pre and post-surgical experience. Dr. Avellanet has an impressive skill set and is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, she can also speak French, Italian and Portuguese.

Dr. Avellanet holds a strong academic background with undergraduate and graduate degrees at Georgetown University in Washington D.C..  She completed her fellowship in General Cosmetic Surgery in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she focused on cosmetic body contouring procedures like liposuction, fat transfer to buttocks, natural breast augmentation, and cosmetic gynecologic which was recognized and certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. She continued her medical education at the Universidad Central del Caribe in Bayamon, PR and her postgraduate training was completed at the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus, University District Hospital. Dr. Avellanet is licensed to practice medicine in Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, Puerto Rico, Arkansas, Ohio and New York.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she was inspired by, and followed her father’s path into medicine who practiced cosmetic surgery and expertly helped thousands of men and women achieve their physical goals while improving their self-esteem. Dr. Avellanet knew from an early age that her passion was to help others through medicine and cosmetic surgery fully committed to using the highest standards.

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